My day job in the mundane world is website designer/developer. I’ve gone with WordPress because that is what 90% of the websites I’m working on currently are. I’m developing a custom Theme for this site, because again, that is what I do! I don’t really want to cut corners and get a pre-made one, mostly because all premade templates drive me up the wall with things they can’t do. I’m kinda picky 🙂

So! what this means mostly is that I’ll be able to play around with the way the data on the site interconnects. The driving force behind actually putting this site online was the kiln firing. We’re still pretty new to clay stuff and firing so I wanted to keep track of what we were doing and what kind of results they produced. Now, I COULD have made a spreadsheet or random google docs but that’s boring!

Other reasons I’m making this website?

  • Teaching things to other people helps cement the knowledge you’re learning into your brain
  • Some of the stuff I’m researching and learning has a lot of info out there, not all of it good.. so I’m hoping to condense the good info into a useable resource for people
  • cause I want to? lol

The Style

I imagine I’ll probably go through a lot of revisions… but the current style choices are thus:

Greys: I want to highlight the actual projects and have the website design itself be a background support, rather than being the focus. So for now the primary colours of the site will be muted.

Side Nav: so vintage! lol  You don’t see a lot of websites these days with a side navigation… so I’m going a little old school with this.. I wanted to experiment with having a very simple nav that’s always visible and get away from the typical styles of the day that every bugger is going with.

Clean and Simple: again, I want to highlight the content/work/pictures so I want to keep it simple

This site is still in development, so it’s a little more basic then I’d like at the moment. I will add shiney features and interesting website do-bobs as I go along.

Like what you see?

Do you need a website? Do you like what you see? Then yes, you can definitely contact me about working on a website for you. If you’re in the SCA and create stuff I will definitely consider bartering for goods and services. Just   and we’ll see what we can work out!