I’ve decided that instead of going the period canvas tent track for upping my SCA camping game, I’m going instead with the Vardo. Is it because ultimately I am lazy? Perhaps lol.

The idea of needing a huge trailer to pack away all that heavy gear, and then needing to set it all up and pack it away again when I want to go camping feels a little insane to me. A vardo on the other hand? The weight is probably about the same, but everything is mostly set up already. Just roll in and park. Tada!

So this section of the site will be where I keep track of the status of this project, ideas.. whatnots.

Current Status

Fetal…  there has been no work towards actually starting this project yet. Just some research and oogling pictures of vardos on the internet so far.

The only actual progress is that I am upgrading my vehicle. My current awesome little Toyota Yaris can in no way tow a heavy trailer so I’m swapping it for something that can.