Tablet Weaving

The best way to learn a skill in-depth is to attempt to teach it to others. The internet is a wealth of knowledge, and as I’ve discovered while teaching myself how to tablet weave, there is a wide range of quality of posts out there. I will try to condense my research into what I hope is a simplified repository of the stuff I’ve learned.. and hopefully it’ll help out beginners who’d like to take up the same crafts 🙂

What is it?

Tablet Weaving is an ancient craft, resulting in a woven band. Unlike typical weaving where the warp threads run back and forth behind the weft, the warp threads twist around themselves in addition to running in front of, and behind the weft thread.

Tools & Materials Needed


  • Cards / Tablets
  • Thread
  • Beater and/or shuttle


  • Kilt pin or something to hold cards when not in use
  • Loom
  • Pattern

Setting Up

You will need to get your threads & cards “warped up”. This means that according to the pattern that you have chosen the threads are going through the cards in the appropriate order and direction. Before weaving you will affix both ends of the warp to an object. Either the near and far end of a loom.. or to yourself and a stationary object if you are not using a loom.

For this beginners tutorial we are going to use a simple 4 colour pattern to demonstrate how to warp up. (resources on finding more patterns)

The tablet weaving projects I’ve completed.. Newer stuff at the top

Additional Resources