Tablet Weaving: Brocade

After deviating to a bunch of other crafts for a bit, I’m finally getting back to some new tablet weaving. As per usual I am attempting to up my game a bit by selecting something that is a technique I haven’t tried yet… so this band I will be attempting to brocade.

Essentially this means that the band will be a single solid colour and the tablets will be always moving forward. The pattern will be created by a second weft thread on the top of the band. In my case it will be a silver pattern overlaying a dark navy blue. I’m excited to see how it turns out!

I’ve chosen a simple pattern to start: pattern on twistedthreads

Edit: Progress, Day 2

I started this band by messing up right at the beginning. I had forgotten to weave in the ends of the weft at the beginning, which means the end was technically loose. Woops.

I wove a bit of the just blue, and then started the brocade section. The results turned out pretty neat, but I did remember that some of the tutorials I was reading instructed that the brocade thread needed to be thicker than the rest. Some of the historical examples had multiple threads used and others had flat wide threads. The results of NOT doing this was pretty apparent.

the gaps in the pattern are pretty wide. It looks cool but I know it can look cooler!

2nd repeat of the pattern has a second thread added

Not the best picture, but I think the second repeat looks much better than the first.  The other thing I don’t really like about the way this band is turning out is being able to see the silver on the edges of the band.

So I’ve ripped the whole thing apart to start again. Not a big deal since I goofed up right at the beginning 🙂 

I’ve started the base already (the part where it’s just blue) and I remembered to secure the end this time. I’m going to do the following with this version

a) use 2 threads
b) the silver won’t go all the way to the ends. I’m going to shoot it out the back before those ones. This should fix the other problem.

So far this process hasn’t really been difficult, just a little extra time consuming on top of the regular weaving. Awesome 🙂

Progress: Day 3

Brocade looks fantastic 🙂 It’s a lot slower than regular weaving but I’m really happy with how this is turning out!

Materials: DMC embroidery floss. Dark Navy blue size 8 and… silver… not sure of the size or particular flavour on that one, but it’s is DMC