Snorlax’s Ugly Mug

So I signed up for Reddit Secret Santa “Ugly Mugs” because obviously I would.. and this year my recipient is somebody from the UK who listed amongst her interests Pokemon and Makeup… so I decided to combine the two concepts.

I went with the other interpritation of ugly mug (as in ugly face) borrowing inspiration from “Lil Poundcake” on a huge snorlax face. I wanted to make it kinda obnoxious so the background is neon green/yellow and the face is.. well.. fantastic LOL

In Progress Painting:

Sketched it out on paper and used tracing paper to transfer to the mug.

After first firing

After out of the kiln the first time… There were more pinholes in between the glaze layers that I’d like, and the background was too matte so I decided to touch it up and refire

After Firing #2: