Small Bowl Underwater Scene

Nic had been throwing a lot of different cups and bowls on the new wheel.. Trying to just get his hand into it.. and also to practice up before he was going to be away from it for a few weeks.

I have claimed a bowl and two of the mugs to paint designs on. For testing and for funzies.

So this bowl is pretty small, and he pre-glazed the inside of it with clear glaze so that the glaze in there would fit really well. The bowl I believe is Laguna 20G clay which was fired to cone 02.

I sketched out the details roughly in pencil first. Then I went over the outlines of the octopus and big fish in black glaze.

Next up I filled in the background and did a little bit of edging details with the PSH teal underglaze.

I’ve left the bowl to dry now.. should get the chance to finish it up on a couple days. I’m going to give it another coat, or maybe two, of the teal and then go back in and draw in some details on the background. Planning on making it look like seaweed.

After this I’ll need to decide if I want to leave the teal matte or go over it with the clear glaze. Answer will probably be yes since the inside and the black glaze detailing will be shiny glaze?

*Edit* So it appears this one will be on hold for a little bit longer. Somewhere between Jen’s house in NY where I was painting it.. and my house back in ON I have misplaced the silly thing. So hopefully it will turn up and I’ll get to finish it up and get it fired!

Edit #2: It’s done!

It’s a cute little bowl. I think it would’ve been nicer if I did an extra layer of black on the plant details but other than that I’m pretty happy with it