Shuttle Experimentation

The relevation from this post might be a huge DUH for anybody who’s experienced in doing crafts with string…

Me and the Husmonkey made a bunch of different shuttles for me to test out different designs. There were 2 differend things we were testing: one being the holes or notches in the end, and the other being the profile of the sides.

What I discovered is that there is definitely a better way to cut out the notches on the ends. Making them more of an enclosed space has the benefit of not allowing the stupid thing to unspool at any opportunity.  Here are 2 examples of the shuttles we made (there are more but of course they’ve gone missing.. which was the secondary reason we did this. I know me. I lose things)


The bat-shuttle:
sharp edges and wide open notch. This thing vomitted the string out..  I think I like the sharper edges but I have no real proof that it does help pack the weft down tighter


The… pincher shuttle?? (better name to be inserted here later)

The fact that this hole is nearly closed meant that it only unspooled when I did it on purpose, so dropping the shuttle meant it didn’t go all the way to the floor and was easy to recover. The sides of this one are more rounded, but again I have no real proof on how this worked out for me. Though this one is a little more comfy on the hands.

**edit**  The pincher shuttle will definitely become the Zoidberg Shuttle.