Sewing Machine Potters Wheel

Things have been progressing in the Hack’s Pottery Wheel department. After we tested the spinning mop bucket pottery wheel the Husmonkey had the brilliant idea of converting an old sewing machine into a potters wheel.

We went thrifting over the weekend and picked up an old sewing machine… the kind with the motor on the outside. We already have a super crappy banding wheel so we are going to combine the two to make a potters wheel.

The engine has been disconnected from the sewing machine, and we’ve now tested it’s function with the banding wheel and it looks like there is some real potential here! Should be much better than the Mop Bucket Wheel.

We’re not going to ditch the mop bucket yet.. I have the idea that if we can get it working then it could be fun to bring it to a camping event where there isn’t electricity… could still do a demo or just play with it on site. We shall see!