Replacing Kiln elements

Tonight’s A&S project is a little different than the usual. We’re finally getting around to replacing the elements in the kiln. The bottom 2 have been jankie since we bought the thing so it’s been way past due.

We’re finally getting into the higher fire stuff (rather than just the low fire bisque painting) and the one time we tried to fire to a cone 6 the kiln never made it that high. So hopefully this will fix that problem.

Step One: remove the panel holding the cone sitter. Already we’ve run into a bit of a snag in that we couldn’t get the panel off. haha

Step Two: open the box containing the switches and stuff

Step Three: label the wires going to the elements so we can put them back on in the proper order

Step Four: snip all the connectors

Step Five: gently remove the top two elements, trying not to further damage our already spotty kiln brick

Step Six: attempt the same with the bottom two, and fail spectacularily as the wire just all falls completely apart

Step Seven: Stop the whole process because you realize you were an idiot when you ordered the parts for the kiln and decided against getting all of the connectors required for 4 elements, because you’re going to start with just replacing 2…. Forget you did that and rip out all 4 elements.