Replacing kiln elements: part 2

So after quicky trip to PSH to purchase the missing bits and a weekend of A&S shenanigans we are finally getting back to replacing the kiln elements.

Step 1. Poke the end bits through the holes on the walls and thread the elements through the little tough along the walls

Step 2. Cut the wire that was sent with the weekends into little 1.5 inch lengths and use it to pin the elements in place

Step 3. Stay out of the way while my dad uses the connectors to connect the elements to the wires in the control box..

Step 4. Screw the Cone sitter and the plate back on to the front of the control box

Step 5. Fire that puppy up and see if it works

Step 6. Celebrate!

Step 7. Pin the elements down in a couple places

Step 8. Vacuum out again and attempt to pin down some of the firebricks. Be unsuccessful in that endeavor.

Step 9. Stop and go to bed.