Pit firing

This past weekend I got to participate in a ceramics pit firing, and it was was hot, cold, and so much fun!

I was (insanely) very excited to go camping, in Canada, at the end of October but I did not want to miss the pit firing. Overall I am so happy with how this event went. The only downsides were I didn’t get to shoot my bow at all (too cold and so much other stuff going on) and almost freezing my butt off at night. I would’ve liked to hang out with folks at the camp fires but I opted for hot water bottle, husband-furnace, and sleeping bag instead.

I had so much fun meeting new people and learning about pit firing. Hanging out with the chicken cooking crew, my friends (we’re friends right?!) from Beremere was a blast too and the food was soooo good!

Back to the pit firing! We were warned a head of time that the survival rate of objects in the pit might not be great, so I had made 3 oil lamps to go in the pit.

The oil lamps were based off of this find:

I also made a handful of beads and pendants to put in as well.. along with a small (kinda crappy honestly) pinch-pot to contain them. This was mostly a numbers game because I really wanted something to survive even if it was just beads and the small things I figured had the best chances.

This is the mine and Jaime’s stuff that made it out of the pit:

Out of my 3 oil lamps, 2 survived and one had a busted rim (the one in the middle) The pinch pot that was holding my pendants had the whole top rim pop off. The bowl in the center is holiding the pendants and beads that me and Jaime made. The bowl itself was fired before the weekend and was only there to hold Jaime’s beads.

Overall, the survival rate of our stuff was much higher than anybody else. I’m happy our stuff made it through but sad for everybody else who aren’t going to get whole pieces back.

Overall the experience was such a neat thing! I got to nerd out about pottery with friends old and new, and I think despite the low success rate everybody was overall happy with the experience. I would definitely do this again!

More Photos!

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