New garb sewing project – Serk

Not gonna lie.. sewing underdresses, or ‘serk’ is freaking me out.  I haven’t quite got the hang of how to do seam treatments and keep the edges from fraying. Even worse are the gores. I’ve read and watched several tutorials and it all looks like magic to me. A fold and a swish and it all looks beautiful.

Except when I do it . Then it’s a mess lol.

Anywho.. So I’ve decided that I need to make more garb, so I’m making a new dark brown norse underdress out of what is linen. I can’t remember if it’s 100% linen or a blend but whatever it is it’ll be interesting! It’s thicker than the other stuff I’ve used before and a bit of a looser weave so it’ll be interesting to see if it’ll be warmer or cooler. More layers for events like Baron’s Howe the better!

Currently it’s all cut out, the neckhole is done (I may suck at gores but I think I’m pretty fantastic at doing keyhole necklines!) For this one I’ve decided to actually do the seam treatments before actually sewing the dress together (not sure if that’s how it’s typically done and I’m just an idiot)

Progress Update: Sep 17th

Major revisions were done over the weekend. I had sewn on the arms and the underarm gussets and discovered that the sleeves were WAY too baggy. there were no recommended sizes for the underarm gusset squares so they were huge (10 inch squares)

So I ripped the squares out, cut them down to 8 inches and sewed them back in. The results now are still fairly baggy but I can live with it this time. I still want to make sure that I have enough room to move around easily for archery and such.

Current Status: I have sewn in the gore on the back of the dress and that went mostly ok. It’s a little puckered but I can live with that. Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to finish construction sewing. Then it’ll be on to decorating, and deciding what I want to do for the apron dress.