Nalbinding Progress

Something about learning in-person how to do nalbinding has finally solidified how this whole thing is supposed to work. Since I had been trying many times and watched so many videos I had quite a bit of practice in before-hand. Now however it’s kinda working.

First I decided to keep it simple and make a mug coozie for my travel mug. I think the start and finish stick out a little more than I’d like, but other than that I’m pretty happy with it!

Plus it kinda solves the problem of the travel mug silicon hand coozie thing. The thing was big and boring and I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to paint on the stupid thing because so much of the mug would’ve been occluded by the coozie.

All good now cause now it’s part of the design. I’ll talk about that in another post.

I attempted to make a hat, and it turned more into a floppy disk. A disk that is floppy.. not ye olde computer storage 🙂

So I made another attempt at the hat but I mostly followed this video:

I ended up increasing way more than she mentioned in the video. Plus I’m a little unclear on how much increasing was supposed to happen (when it gets into the further rows is it increasing every 4-6 stitches? Or just increasing 4-6 times per row?)

I ended up doing the following:

  1. increase every stitch
  2. increase every 2nd
  3. increase every 3rd
  4. increase every 4th
  5. increase every 6tth
  6. increase every 9th
  7. increase every 14th
  8. and then the next few rows I counted how many stitches were in that row and only increased 4 per row.. so I had something like ‘increase every 20th’
  9. then for the last few rows I just did the regular stitches until the hat got large enough to fit over my giant melon


Edit 5 days later

Next up will be matching mittens. I’m following along with a facebook post, which can be found here: Nalbinding Mitten Stitch-a-long

I got to the part where you need to start making it skinnier for the wrist and I realized it was much skinnier than I thought it was when I started the first round. Also I discovered that apparently you’re supposed to do both mittens at the same time (which makes sense, to be fair, but saying that around step number one would’ve been helpful!) So I started over.. Now I have 2 cuff portions of gloves.. we’ll see what develops tomorrow!