Nalbinding a hat.. again and again and again

As winter is coming in again I figured it was time to break out the hat and mittens, only to discover that my nalbound hat from last year is nowhere to be found!

Oh noes.. I have to make a new one!

So I picked out some yarn (this stuff) and decided to take a crack at making another hat. This was about a month ago? What followed this was 2 weeks of spending a couple hours most nights attempting to make a hat…

It was a pretty epic fail LOL

I could not figure out how to get the hat the proper size. Even after a plea to the facebook group, where I was given some charts on head & hat sizes from crocheting stuff, I still couldn’t get it quite right.

Ultimately I’ve decided that the wool I chose was too fine and I had accidentally chose “Hard Mode”

Thinner wool requires WAY more stitches to get the same thing accomplished, and your mistakes with tension stick out quite a bit. Not cool 🙁

So I came back to Canada where my yarn stash lives and chose a thicker wool…. MUCH BETTER.

The end result hat is still not quite the right size, it’s a little snug, but it’s warm and fuzzy and mostly fits.. So I’m happy with it for now 🙂

Now on to learn new stitches methinks!

This is what appears to be a rather successful first attempt at the Finnish Stitch.. Woot