Messing with Illumination

Now that things have calmed down a bit with my day job, I’m able to play around with some stuff that I otherwise would’ve pushed to the background. This particular project is some scroll-work. I’m not confident enough in my abilities and time-management so I haven’t volunteered for any particular scroll requests. I’m playing around with things and doing blanks.

This is the inspiration for the piece:

Manuscript of Christianus Prolianus’s ‘Astronomia’. This manuscript is the study of the solar system and eclipses. Illustrated throughout with diagrams and decorative borders, including details of birds, animals and fauna. There are 24 lines to a page. Written in the 15th century in a very fine Roman hand. Modern binding in blue Moroccan (goatskin). Formerly the property of William Morris.

view online

Process & Progress of my Scroll:

Some pictures of the process of prepping the surface. This involved ironing the paper so that it didn’t curl up, painting the surface with white gesso, and then sanding it down when it was done to help remove the paintbrush texture.

I was skeptical but decided to humour him in this and see how it turned out.

*spoiler alert* It doesn’t.

And the resulting failure:

The Husmonkey was pretty suprised that his “properly prepaired surface” did not work out as intended. LOL

He works in oil paints so I was not too suprised that it didn’t work well for ink line work. The ink just ran and bled.

So I got this far on the piece and decided to start over.

Next Attempt:

I have a pad of ‘parchment’ paper (specifically Strathmore Student Parchment Paper) which I figured would be good enough for practicing on.. so next attempt will be on that.

On the upside I think that the drawing of this version is a little better than the previous one so I’m hopeful this will turn out nice.

Finished piece

I’m not entirely pleased with how this turned out. I don’t think I made good choices with the colours. They’re much too saturated and I don’t think I like the black outlining as opposed to the brownish looking ink from the inspiration piece.

I think I will be remaking this..