Majolica Plates

It’s me, right before I mucked up my first 2 attempts at plates! Look how happy I am!

Now that these have been gifted to their recipients I can post this project… My first real plates!

Being able to throw one my own plates to paint on has been one of the main goals for learning how to do pottery for me, so I’m pretty excited about these.

I was asked to create these plates as a gift to our out-going Baron & Baroness when they stepped down from their positions from our new Baroness.

I thought this was the perfect excuse to finally get trying to make real plates. Part of the reason why it’s taken me this long is because throwing ceramic plates can be a tricky process. They’re more prone to warping and cracking in the process, and also since these were meant to be larger dinner plates they are on the larger side of things that I’ve thrown so far.

Progress Pics