Largess Derby: Stained Glass Ceramic Pendants

For this weekend I’ve painted 12 ceramic pendants in the style of medieval stained glass.

Duncan has these cool glazes called French Dimensions, which results in textured glazes lines, kinda reminiscent of the puffy t-shirt paint from the 80’s. I did quite a lot with those paints, so terrible and great 🙂

I had previously done a circle tile with the black french dimensions as the line work and a semi-transparent glaze in between and it turned out really well so I wanted to give it another go. I think this glaze lends itself really well to mimicing stained glass, so an idea was born.

They’re all ready for the kiln, hopefully going in tonight. I accidentally mushed the outline on one while I was clear glazing. I did a little touch up on that one so we shall see what happens there!

Edit: Out of the Kiln

I’m relatively pleased with how these came out. The ones with yellow are my favorites. The blue is a little darker than I’d like, probably should’ve chosen a lighter one or did only one coat.

There was a bit of a derp when I was clear glazing which I need to be more careful of next time. The french dimensions are dimensional (durrr) so as I was dipping in the clear glaze the black got softer and I accidentally smushed off half the border on one of the pendants. After that I slowed down and waited for things to dry more fully before continueing. I touched up the mushed one and it’s no worse for wear.

I think if I was to do these again I’d either work larger, or figure out a way to thin down the lines. At this scale the lines are much too thick for the clear “glass” sections I think.

Overall though I think they’re pretty and I hope they’re well received by whoever gets them 🙂