Lampworking: First Contact

It might have been a good idea to read up and watch a few more tutorials on how to do lampworking, but that’s not really our style. It’s more “NEW TOY! LET’S PLAY WITH IT!!”

So this week we’ve had it running a couple times and been making some really terrible beads lol.

Day 1: I made two beads with Celadon and white which actually aren’t all that terrible! I’d be willing to put them on my Viking Swag 🙂 I also made a red and white stripey one which is less than stellar.

The white is turning out cloudy and I’m not sure what the cause is yet. Could be holding the bead too close to the torch head, or the glass is dirty, or the torch needs cleaning.

Day 2: I attempted to make 2 beads, but one of them cracked off the mandril. I think it’s because I took it out of the heat to make stringers (thin down the glass so you can bloop it onto what you’re making) and when I put it back in the flame it just shattered. Which is too bad cause it was looking pretty cool.

The second bead is interesting. It’s a dot bead with the main colour being a transparent green, and the dots were supposed to be white. Again the white turned out really cloudy and I think the transparent green looses a bit by being so thick. It looks almost black.

Jaime, Chewy & Nic also took turns making some beads as well. I think the whole household is pretty excited about the new toy.

Day 3: I tried a different ‘white’ rod, attempting to make another dot bead. This time white as the main colour, and transparent blue as the dots. This one, is a completely fail. I’m not sure what happened to the colour.. if that’s what this glass rod is supposed to do or what.. but the colour is weird brown weirdness.

I’m going to do a little research and clean the torch head and see where things go.