Glaze Fire 43 / Bisque Fire 33

Cone 6 – my glazed stuff, various things.. bottom shelf Nic’s latest face mugs getting their bisque fire

The inside of the kiln before firing… some photos edited poorly to hide what was on them.

And unfortunately I’ve had my first plate absolute failure :/

The plate on the top shelf of the kiln cracked developed what looks like an S crack (because it’s kinda ‘S’ shaped across the middle part) which went across about 80% of the plate…. Then I snapped it the rest of the way apart.

There are a couple things that could have caused this:

It stuck to the bat when I tried to pull it off which could have warped it. It could have not dried evenly enough, or I didn’t compress it enough while through it (though it seems the consensus is that compressing is never the problem with S cracks)