Glaze Fire 42 / Bisque Fire 32

Cone 6 – Angie Glaze stuff.. 2 of Nic’s things on bottom shelf

1. Mayco Cinnabar – 3 coats, then 3 coats of PSH’s snoflecks overlapping
2. this one got a little dished up in the center, but other than that I’m pretty happy with it.. it’s got a little swirly through the center, acnd is glazed with PSH’s Coppernican sky

I like how these plates look a lot more professional and finished with the glaze inside the foot ring. The red one got way too much glaze though and dripped all over the shelf (kinda suprised that didn’t end in disaster really..) and the spiral plate could have used another layer.

1. Cinnabar & Matte black.. super happy with the shape on this one 🙂
2. PSH’s Coppernican sky (with a little extra drippy bit at the handle)

1. 2oz espresso cups – Storm Celadon & Wrought Iron
2. 3oz esspresso cups (or tiny tankards?) Wrought Iron & Satin Patina
3. 4 oz tiny tankards – Copper Float & a stripe of Cinnabar
These were all thrown by Nic, handles and glaze by me

Bowl: Mayco’s Amber Topaz underneath PSH’s snofleks (which ran way more than I expected it to, but I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. The bowl was thrown by Nic
Tiny Tankard: I absolutely LOVE how this turned out! Mayco’s Shipwreck & Wrought Iron

Super pleased with how this one turned out as well! I finally managed to get the shape of tumbler that I’d been trying for 🙂 It’s a little heavy but I’m not too bothered with that. The glazes are Cinnabar, Copper Float, and Wrought Iron

Built up a barrier in the bottom shelf on the off chance that Nic’s stuff exploded in the kiln. We didn’t want to get it all over the 2 glazes pieces in the bottom there. (speaking of which the thing with the handle is a piece thrown by Nic and glazed by Jaime, and is a present for somebody so not pictured here)

On the middle shelf you can see the bowl that got the Amber Topaz and Snoflecks, and you can see how much further than where I painted it on that the glaze ran.