Glaze Fire 41 / Bisque Fire 31

Cone 04 – More stuff from RW painting party & a couple of Nic’s face mugs getting their glaze fire

So none of this stuff is mine, so I won’t comment too much on what’s going on in here.. except to note that the new clear glaze dries really weirdly. It’s thicker in some spots and you can see a haze of colour through? The other stuff didn’t really do that.

Also, one of the pieces in here was a refire, and a spectacular failure when it comes to the clear glazing. No idea what went on with it :/

When it came out of the first firing the glaze looked like it hadn’t adhered properly.. in the back it was gloopy in spots and barely there in other spots. In the face region it had a lot of bubbles as well.

So I decided to refire, not really holding my breath.. It did smooth out a bit but still looked like garbage.