Glaze Fire 40 / Bisque Fire 30

Cone 06 – Bisque fire of the espresso cups. This one we weren’t 100% sure that the clay stuff was all the way dry so we candled the kiln for about 4 hours before firing up the full schedule. It was just one switch on with the lid of the kiln propped open.

My plates were fired propped up on their side, and I was kinda shocked to see that they all made it out of the bisque fire just fine 🙂 Though one did eventually split when it got to the glaze firing. It’s the biggest one in the back, which may actually account for why that one broke. There might have been extra stress on that plate since it was in contact with the shelf?

The glased stuff in here was from the RW painting shindig.. the cat mug did not fare well (see next post)