Glaze Fire 38 / Bisque Fire 28

Cone 6 – Glaze fire of Bera stuff… I picked up a couple new stoneware glazes so some new glaze tests with some interesting results. Bisque fire of a bunch of Nic’s creepy face mugs (and 2 normal tea bowls)

Octopus Plate: Mayco Shipwreck & Matte Black

Plate, Bowl & Mug

Plate: Mayco Cinnabar & Matte Black. I wanted the edge between the black & red to be a little mottled, but I’m not loving how that turned out. The red is a little weak and I’m wishing the black dripped down over it more.

Bowl: Iron Ore inside, Cinnabar Outside. The Iron Ore didn’t really DO anything so I’m not thrilled with this bowl. It’s just OK. Plus there’s a little bit of pinholing so I will probably refire.

Mug: Iron Ore and Shipwreck. It’s super dark but otherwise I kinda like how this turned out.. Probably won’t do this particular combo again

Travel Mug Prototype

Tonight hopefully I’ll be nalbinding another mug coozie for this one that properly fits. The glaze is Amaco’s Celedon’s: Mixing Clear and Wasabi. Glaze looks great (no pinholes or crazing)

Nic Stuff…. can’t wait to see these glazed!