Glaze Fire 33 / Bisque Fire 23

In our house there’s 2 of us who mainly do the technical pottery stuff. So the below is what happens when those 2 people aren’t fully paying attention to what the other folks are up to. This glaze was one of the low-fire duncan metallic glazes which was fired up to ^6.. So the glaze ran, got bubbles and turned some really ugly colours.

Thankfully Nic was paying enough attention to put it on a ‘biscuit’ so it wouldn’t stick to the shelf. The left picture is where the biscuit was pried off of the bottom of the mug.. It’s too bad cause it was kinda a nifty mug.

The rest of these are a bit of glaze testing. For some reason most of the glazes turn out fine whether we’ve gone high or low fire, but the clear glazes are much more picky.

Amaco Zinc Free Clear – No crazing or bubbles

Mayco Clear: both bubbled and crazed, but just a bit

PSH Clear: good!