Glaze Fire 23 / Bisque Fire 13

This kiln run was full of issues. It was a high fire run with a bunch of Nic’s greenware with a liner glaze inside. His pieces are either stoneware or porcelain. Also in this one was a couple of soy sauce bottles carved and painted by our friend Jen.. and a few of my glazed pieces.

Error 1: At some point in the firing the kiln turned itself off. It’s got a timer on it that we never use, and forget to just wind all the way up to 12. So the timer ran out and turned the kiln off. This resulted in the firing taking much longer than it should’ve. Other than that we don’t think it caused any other problems

Error 2: Totally my fault. I wanted to test out a Cone 06 glaze in the high fire, but we’ve got tried it with this brand before (PSH) It had worked out fine with the Dick Blick & Duncan glazes so we figured ‘why not?’

Well.. the reason why not is sometimes glazes runs like mad… and that’s what happened here. The glaze on the mug ran all the way off the mug and onto the kiln shelf. Thankfully we do some things right and there was plenty of kiln wash on there, so the mug just came up. There was a lot of grinding to get the kiln wash off of the bottom of the mug though… and the shelf needed re-washing. I did one of my little shot glasses with a cool hatched type pattern, and it was completely wiped away when the glaze on that one ran. Thankfully there wasn’t enough glaze on that one to reach the shelf.

Nic’s made a bunch of bowls and cups with primarily Dick Blick glazes as the liner glazes. These will be decorated and then fired again low.

Jen’s soy sauce bottles. They turned out awesome 🙂

And then there’s these 2 big fellas that Nic sculpted

And finally.. my “mug cuddler” 🙂
(PSH 455, PSH chestnut underglaze, Duncan’s Bright Tidepool)