Glaze Fire 22 / Bisque Fire 12

The kiln is rollin right now on it’s way up to Cone 7. I will take pictures of the stuff when it comes out of the kiln tomorrow.

Stuff in this load:

  1. My Mayco slipcast stonewear tankard. We’ll see what happens with that!
  2. 2 of my paint pots. I wasn’t loving the coverage from the fancy glazes and they had some shrapnel from the exploded clay so I decided to give them another go.
  3. A bunch of Nic’s stuff. His stuff is being bisque fired all the way up to cone 7 because he likes doing things wrong (actually it’s because he likes the way the glaze paints on when the object is fully fired)

The 2 in top that appear wet are the re-glazed paint pots. These pictures are from yesterday so they weren’t actually still wet when the firing happened.

*Edit* After Firing Notes

The kiln went on FOREVER. It was 3:30am when we decided to turn it off manually (after starting it at 7pm) so this was the longest firing yet. I used a Cone 7 in the sitter and it wasn’t even bent. The witness cones in the bottom of the kiln looked like they had barely reached ^5. Le Sigh.

Everything seems to have turned out ok so at least there’s that!

Nic’s Stuff: The idea behind these all were they got a coat of glaze on the inside and were fired all the way up to Cone 6. At this point porocity of these should be as low as the clay will go. Now they will get designs painted on a nice smooth non-porous surface so the drawing should remain nice an crisp when they are fired again.

There isn’t a huge difference between these 2 clays. The porcelain has a finer/smoother texture to it, and is slightly whiter, but if they weren’t side by side you probably wouldn’t notice. Tomorrow I’ll take them outside and see if that holds true in the sunlight as well.

A couple interesting things:

This is probably the biggest failure. I love the look of this glaze but it crazed like nuts. Also, Nic wasn’t sure if this crack was in the bottom before he glazed and fired these.. but as you can see the crack went all the way through so the glaze came out the bottom a bit. It’s fully sealed now but it’s not very good.

This little guy, which kinda looks like it’s had poop smeared all over the inside of it, is actually ‘glazed’ with slip. Nic dug this glaze up near his house in Groton. Currently it’s sitting in the kitchen with a water in it, so we’ll see how badly it might drink up the water now.



These next 2 bad boys are pretty nifty.. They’re both porcelain with Dick Blick’s Sky Blue on the inside, but the outside is the nifty part. They’d both been decorated with slip to create this neat mushy cloud-like texture. I can’t wait to see what he does with this

My Mayco Stoneware Tankard. It is not awesome… Though I’m not really surprised.

I was at a bit of a loss on what to do with it. It’s still kinda amuzing but I will not be sad to see this one go away.

PSH Snoflecks on the majority of the body, Mayco Copper Float on the bands, and the text is in Duncan’s Black

And Finally, Glazed and Fired for the THIRD time.. my paint cups! I think I’m finally happy with how these suckers look on the outside. The inside is fine but I’m starting to lose the texture of the deep swirl in the bottom. So no more glaze for these, they are DONE.