Glaze Fire 20

This firing contained mostly the Blue Feathers pendants, which you can read about here: Blue Feathers Project

This is kind of a neat side-side-side of the top shelf before and after firing

The two mugs I’m pretty sure were a refire due to glaze issues on the inside.. The bubbles that appeared in the bottom of the white mug have dissapeared which is great.

I need to take more pictures of the stuff that came out of this kiln load that I still have.

This is the bottom shelf which along with more Blue Feathers had a mug refire (wanted more copper to pool in the recesses of that mug) 2 of my little shot glass things and a couple of Nick’s mugs.

The witness cones are telling me that we did not make even make it to Cone 5 in the bottom.

These are probably the worst things that have come out of the kiln LOL.

Nic was using up the butt ends of some old glaze containers and ended up with this weird milk-in-tomato-soup kinda colour. He painted some cool things on the outside but they just all.. mushed.. Not good.