Glaze Fire 19 / Bisque Fire 10

In this firing was:

bottom shelf: the blue feathers pendants, animal head beads (Chewy’s), re-firing my Ealdormere Wolfium mug

middle shelf & top shelf: Nic’s mugs which either he or Chewy had painted, a new mug commission of mine, and 2 re-fires of a soup spoon that had gotten chiped and a mug that didn’t get full coverage on the bottom.

This was a mug commission for a friend’s birthday.. It’s gone off to it’s recipient so I can show it now 🙂 It’s adorable!

This one was hit by the exploding clay nugget in the previous fire. Otherwise the clear glaze (our Duncan stuff) worked pretty well with this clay. (Nic thrown & painted)

The clear glaze and the white clay on the other hand did not play as nicely together. The bottom of this mug is Not. Good. (Nic thrown & painted)

All of these were paintesome pinholing in the clear glaze.. a little goobie-ness & bubbles in the bottom but they’re not too bad.. Nothing like the white ones.

And, I gotta say I absolutely LOVE how the Goat Tankard turned out. It is mine now 🙂