Glaze Fire 18 / Bisque Fire 9 – explosion!

I have gotten lax in my reporting lately.. Life has been entirely too crazy lately! So the notes on the next few fires are being added a month late and will unfortunately be a little sparse, but I shall do my best!

The bottom shelf, and about half of this firing was Nic’s stuff. They’re being bisque fired with clear glaze on the inside. The couple of items on the top shelf that aren’t green inside are my paint pots and Nic’s bowl. I didn’t like the coverage on the paint pots so I re-glazed.

Also note that there are some witness cones tucked in the middle of my stuff. They were stuck into fresh clay right before firing. This will become important….

The clay the witness cones were in exploded… cause DUH. We’ve done this in the past a couple of times and it’s gone fine, but honestly it was just a matter of time. I was pretty pissed about this because it was mostly my stuff that I really like surrounding this mess.

Thankfully not a whole lot of shards got inside my pots, so we ground them down and are going to reglaze again.

I layered on the Copper a little thicker in the drippies on this one. Before on the left, after on the right. It’s a little improved but I think this glaze only really shines if it’s got some recesses to pool in so I’m likely going to call this one done.

Mayco’s Blue Hydrangea. The coverage is much better in the after.. the purple is more consistent and you can the the brush strokes less… Plus more of the crystal things got to happen. This one ended up with some of the exploded clay in it so I’m going to have to glaze it for a third time… I am ok with this because I think another layer will make it even better.

Mayco’s Enchanted Forest. Same deal as the Blue Hydrangea.. I like the after version much better for this one, but it’s still not enough.. it’s too wishy washy in spots so it’s almost a good thing that I have to reglaze this one because of shrapnel.