Glaze Fire 17 / Bisque Fire 8

I feel like I should probably re-working my numbering structure for the labelling of these firings… This will get confusing!

As I write this I don’t know what the results will be from this firing, but the kiln is currently off. This was the first firing after replacing all of the kiln elements.

It was an attempt to fire to Cone 6 but I’m not sure if it was successful or not. I went down to check it a couple times, and at just after midnight (so 5 hours into the process it looked like the latch was going to release soonish so I stayed down in the basement and chilled on the phone with the Husmonkey waiting for it to go.

I waited for around 1.5 hours for it to finish. The latch appeared to move to the point where it looked like it could pop off at any second, and then it just hung there. Finally I ended up poking it with some sticks and it turned off. Poking the bar latch thing (I probably aught to look up the real words for this stuff!) it didn’t seem to move AT ALL which is really odd. Moving the outside end down should be easy since that means the inside end of the pole would be moving up and away from the cone, but it did not do that.

Unfortunately now I need to wait until tomorrow to find out what actually happened in there.

in the good news department I also got Dad to help me wire up the pyrometer so at least next time we fire we’ll be able to see better what the temperature is in there. I couldn’t use it this time because I did not think ahead and I put one of the pieces directly in front of the hole.

Will post again tomorrow when I open this sucker up.


Stuff is out of the kiln to varying degrees of success. First up are the brush cups. They’re all made with the buff speckle PSH 455 clay and I experimented with the different stoneware glazes.

These are pretty damn cool! The tops have 3 cut outs to rest your brush on… I left a very pronounced ‘potter’s swirl’ in the bottom to help clean the brush. I also tried to have more of a hard edge on the cup for scraping the water and paint out of the brush.

For all of these I think I should have gone much more thick with the glaze. I can see where this should be going but it’s not quite got the coverage I’d like. What the Blue Hydrangea and Enchanted Forest should look like

I really like how this one turned out! This is the Copper Float again, and I used my clay stamps from my Trillium Exchange project for the anglo-saxon funerary urn.. so I guess this is an anglo-saxon funerary mug lol

You can see the Copper effect much better in the recessed areas where it got to pool some more. So this really shows the potential of this glaze.

The Ealdormere Wolf painted Saturday night at Fool. This mug is the white stoneware, painted with the PSH underglazes. The inside I painted white, and the outside got a coat of clear glaze over the whole thing. Small nitpickies: The white galze on the inside might have been an error in judgement. The absolute white of that makes the white of the clay not quite as white. Also there was a bit of a smearing or glow on the foot of the wolf that I’m not loving… but this is seriously nitpicky because I really like how this turned out :

Pendants: These were all the white stoneware clay. I made use of some cookie cutters, fondant molds, and clay roller stamps to get the textures on these. I broke these out along at Fool for some friend’s to paint along with me. I think they’re mostly done with the PSH underglazes and they turned out really cute! Unfortunately there were a couple fatalities when I was taking these out of the kiln. The clear glaze fuzed to the metal rod and I snapped them off. I learned that I should have twisted them off :/

Nic Stuff: So these were the “bisque fire” portion of this kiln load. He wants to do things backwards, so we’re trying out a high bisque fire and then it’ll be glazed and fired a little lower. The idea there is he absolutely wants to get the painting crisp and colours correct. Some awesome stuff with the handles on these… unfortunately I had a bit of a derp and broke the tippy end of the tentacle off of the one handle.

And finally two random bits… Nic’s bowl that I glazed with PSH’s Snoflake glaze, and a re-fire of my Discovery Mug. I realized the red trails on the Disco mug was scraping off. I think a combo of too thick on the glaze and not fired high enough.. so back in it went!

And apparently I missed this mug.. It’s also the PSH Coppernecan Sky and it’s super shiney and purdy