Glaze Fire 16 / Bisque Fire 7

Firing up some stuff before the marketplace this weekend. This was a mostly full load (3 shelves!) of glazed bisque, plus a couple of Nic thrown mugs.

Error! Error!!

On opening up the kiln today it turns out that it had not fired completely. The cone was not bent at all and the surface of the pieces was textured and weird. It occurs to me that I really should’ve taken pictures of this but I’m dumb and didn’t.

This is where we learn that rather than just have 2 people take care of the process every single time, and then throw it at a third person without any real training is a bad idea.

The kiln was shut of manually before it had finished. I think it was only turned off maybe half an hour before it was supposed to be done but the results of this were pretty drastic. And actually odd considering we’re firing to cone 04 now when this stuff should be fired to 06. I’m surpised it made this much of a difference!

The clear glaze was very cloudy and it didn’t even itself out over the surface as much as it should of. So there were super thick white cloudy parts and others that weren’t. Also the texture was very pocked. I’m assuming the bubbles gassing out didn’t get the chance to even out again.

The Fix

We are re-running the kiln. It’s not the time of day for it so it’ll be more expensive for the electricity but that can’t be helped. The show we were making this stuff is tomorrow so the stuff in it needs to be cool enough to take out early-ish tomorrow morning. Waiting til 7 wouldn’t work.

Second firing

This one went much better than the first. Everything came out of this one looking pretty much as expected.