Glaze Fire 15 / Bisque Fire 6

Cone 06 & Cone 04

Did a combo load this time, attempting to fire to Cone 04. I suspect our kiln is generally firing a little lower than intended so we did a cone 04, in an attempt to make sure we got to at least cone 06.. and I think we successfully landed somewhere around a cone 05. Whee lol

A goodish portion of this kiln load is other people’s stuff, and I know some of it is gifts so those aren’t going to be posted here 🙂

Bisque Stuff

I have so many little blank canvases now! Quite exciting! this is all Laguna’s #65 white stoneware.

Glaze Stuff

There were some “oopses” in here unfortunately

Here’s the successful stuff! These were mostly painted by Nic and a couple painted by Chewy

The Canisters

The “Spice” Canister is a collaboration.. I had the idea but thought Nic would do a much better job painting the scene on it, so I had him do that part 🙂 I think it turned out mostly very cool, but the scene is much too light. this one will definitely be happening again!

Ashes of my Enemies

I am very pleased with how this came out! I thought the text was going to be a huge pain in the arse but it wasn’t bad at all 🙂

This is definitely going in the “let make more of this” pile

Experimental round tiles

so these 2 are a test of some glaze combos. I wanted to get something with a subtle difference between the text and the background.

I am LOVING how the one on the right turned out, It’s all black, but the contrast of the matte and shiney glazes is pretty fantastic. The other one is nifty too… but the text got a little soft on the edges. Plus the contrast between the two is more subtle than I’d like.

Also, I need to be more careful with hanging stuff. The metal rods that came with the bead kiln cannot stand up to the combo of the heat and the weight of 2 of these tiles.

I don’t think you can see just how bent this got, but it’s pretty wibbly. Thankfully they didn’t actually make contact with the shelf below!

Obligatory Kiln Load shots

All the stuff not addressed above are the stuff other folks did.. Oh yeah, plus my test plate from last year’s Lady Mary. The bottom wasn’t properly glazed on this one so it got a little funky. I put it in to burn the mold out. Then it’s getting a full glaze and re-fire.