Glaze Fire 14

We’re doing a glaze fire, but going to Cone 04 for this one. We’ve noticed that the stuff in the top of the kiln appears to be less fully fired than the stuff in the bottom so we’re testing out a little higher temp for this one.

Witness cones from the firing. The little one is from the kiln sitter and it was an 04.

The 2 big ones were placed on the top shelf. The one fully lying down was a Cone 06, and the other one was Cone 04.

So this means we made it to somewhere between 06 and 04.. so… Cone 05 I guess!

Also, a weird thing happened with this one. I went to flip the second switch (there are 4 switches, we ramp up by flipping them one at a time) and noticed the light was off. I tried pushing the button to turn it back on but it wasn’t going. Opened the kiln and it was barely warm in there. Twisted the timer knob and then it came back on.

So, I guess this means that the timer function on the kiln isn’t fully broken like we had thought! It might have been turned all the way to zero though when we were messing with it last week.. considering what needed to be done to swap out the elements with the new ones (which will hopefully happen soonish)

Repair Jobs. The handle on the tentacle mug broke off, so it was ground down and reglazed.

The travel mug tipped over and took a chunk out of the rim. I patched that but it didn’t fully take. Plus it appears that the glaze is now crawling from another spot on the rim. *LE SIGH*

Nic’s Stuff. The red stuff came out ok.. but the light speckle clay had some issues.. The clear glaze on the inside did not fit well so it has a ton of little fractures in it. (called crazing) Though I do love the octopus in the circle one 🙂

Glaze Testing on my tiny cups. The “Turqoise Haze” behaved much better than the “Iron Ore” the Iron Ore is the brownish one.. the glaze crazed on that one as well

Octopus bowl (painted by me, thrown by Nic) It’s cute 🙂

Clay Pendants

I think these were all originally fired in the pit fire at “That Other Thing” and then refired here at home just to make sure there were solid. I actually am really happy with how all of these turned out.

Chewy’s Goomba (she also did a mug but it’s a gift for somebody so I’m skipping it here)