Glaze Fire 12

So the below plate was a bit of a trainwreck so I think Jaime’s going to end up doing it over. When she was taking care of the front a lot of glaze on the back was rubbed off. She went in and trying to cover it back up but the glaze was just not sticking properly.

Turns out this plate is one of the Syracuse China plates. Gasp! This plate has been hanging around the house for YEARS. The problem with the Syracuse china plates is they did not accept the glaze well at all. After doing a layer of glaze you would need to wait for-ev-ver. I’ll need to see if there’s any info why this might be.

So the glaze crawled on this one like mad.. It’s too bad :/

Here’s the latest in my line of Drag Queen Quote mugs, this one is from Katya, and I love it 🙂 The text was a challenge because for some reason I decided that I was going to paint in the text via the outlines and surroundings, rather than draw on the text. Fun times!

The Galaxy was layers of purple, white, and blue glaze stippled on. I carved out some bright pointed stars to give it a little more interest and depth and I think it turned out great 🙂

The above mug was thrown by Nic and painted by Jaime. It turned out pretty awesome! The glazes were the specialty metallic glazes by Duncan. She from bottom to top: Pewter, Silver, and Bronze. The bronze went a little weird, it’s very dark and kind of a greeny blue colour. Still looks pretty neat.

The middle part of the mug also has a really nice texture to it. He added some chatter texture with one of the pottery tools.

Here’s the facebook post with everybody’s stuff.. It feels a little weird posting a bunch of other people’s stuff on my blog.

Posted by Angie Gott on Friday, January 18, 2019