Glaze Fire 11

this may be more accurately named “Glaze Fire 10.2” but whatever! We made a bit of a rush to get the kiln running again since there were issues with the last firing and Caitlin would be heading home the day after… This firing was mostly fixes and a couple things to pad it out a bit.

Thankfully the fixes were mostly successful. Weird thing is the mugs that had a little crawling actually developed all new crawling in different spots.

The good (??) news about this is it was one specific mug type that did the same thing. That mug came 4 in a box so at least we don’t have a ton of mugs to worry about. The other ones came in a box of 12 and they were fine.

I might totally wash the other 2 of the weird ones before glazing them to see if there is any improvement there… Anywho… on to the pics!

Morticia Addams mug turned out pretty good after the fix. There is a bit of a dent where some of the mug was lost to the other one but otherwise not bad.. barely noticable. I don’t want to show the other one just yet because it’s a gift for somebody and I’m not sure if they’ve received it yet.

Also in this firing was my Viking travel mug 🙂

We refired most of the objects that came out of the Pit Firing a couple of months ago. They weren’t fully baked and would have been prone to breaking if we didn’t. Plus if we decided to glaze anything we would be firing them again anyway. On the upside we now have a bunch of pendants and beads which can be used for stuff.. On the downside they lost some of the charcoal-y colouring from the pit.