Glaze Fire 10

Stage 1 of this firing (one element on, the lid slightly open) went for 1 hour this time instead of the 30 minutes. Some of the items that went into this one still showed some signs of dampness so we wanted to make sure it was thoroughly dried out before getting properly hot.

Weirdly this didn’t seem to affect the firing time much.. it added maybe 10 minutes at the end. Extra weirdly it’s winter and I fire the kiln with the window above it proped open a little so it’s colder in there *shrugs* perhaps that amount of temperature change in the room affects the heats in the kiln minimally.

Anyway! Caitlin is here for the holidays and has taken the opportunity to paint a bunch of stuff as gifts for friends, so I probably shouldn’t post those things online just in case. So this showing will be pretty small.

Nic glazed a mug that he threw and did a new glaze test piece with some of our newer glazes on a broken bisque. I painted a pair of mugs as a craft swap. Chewy had painted a speach bubble plate.

Out of the kiln… there were some casualties

So we took things out of the kiln and there was some stuff that went a bit awry… and one thing that went seriously wrong

The Morticia Addams mug slipped off the kiln stilt and fell over onto the mug with the pink. This fuzed them together. Whoops!!

I detached the two, which left a big chunk of the Morticia mug on the other one :/

So we’ve ground down the extra chunk on the one and are reglazing the exposed bit and refiring. On the pink mug there was also a little crawling of the glaze

I used the Dremel to gring down the pits where the glaze lifted up. I’m not sure what caused the crawling on this so I’m hoping that if it was something with the surface of the mug then this will allow the new glaze to attach.

Also out of the kiln was an experiment. We’ve not layed the special metallic glazes yet so Caitlin gave it a shot on a skull christmas ornament. It’s the Antique Silver layered over the turquoise

The glaze in the eyeball holes pulled away a bit.. not sure what happened there. Interesting edges on the lines too.

I’m not saying it’s Aliens… Buuut….

underglaze test “tile” and Chewy’s “eat it” speach bubble plate