Gallery of Fail

why only show off the successful stuff? Everybody starts somewhere so here is a gallery of fails

This is probably my favorite fail.. because it failed in OH SO MANY WAYS. First off the clay used for this was black. Technically it was an air dry clay but it claimed that you could fire it as well.. So that’s what I decided to do!

I was going for a city scape for this one, I wanted it to look like the lights in the buildings were being light from behind.. My problems began when the whole thing started cracking and falling apart as I was shaping it. I tried to salvage it for a bit but I soon passed the point of no return. The buildings were all warped and cracking so I thought “Screw it! It’s now a post-apocolypse city scene!”

I think this was a good choice, cause a) that’s a way more interesting idea than just a city.. and b) now it’s not a fail anymore lol

So the next “fail” came on firing the thing. Turns out that whatever they put in this clay to make it black burned out in the firing process.. so we were back to ruddy red again. Heh. So I threw on some black glaze and fired it again.. and boom!  Shiney black Fallout City Scene tealight holder. Fun 🙂

Gallery of Fails