Corning Museum of Glass

Yesterday we went to the Corning Museum of glass, primary to take a lesson in lampworking. Daily they offer short demos on how to make different things like lampwork beads & pendants, glass blowing, sandblasting etc.

I wanted to get at least a bit of a hands-on demo from somebody who knows what they are doing. Youtube is great to learn how to do stuff, but it is nice to be able to ask questions and have a little 3D instruction.

I have learned that I need to work on getting a steady hand with this, and my depth perception with the flame is a little off. It’s hard to tell, especially with the didydium glasses if you’re actually IN the flame.. or behind/in front of it.

If you really want to learn and DO a lot I don’t think I’d recommend taking these necessarily. We watched the glass blowing and as the person taking the demo you don’t get to do hardly anything. Just blow into the stick. The Musem worker does most of the stuff. I understand this is because it’s really a difficult and dangerous process you can’t hand off to an absolute beginner.

I am interested in possibly taking a full day class sometime in the future though.

I didn’t take any picture while we were doing the thing (I made a turqoise bead with a lime green stripe) but I did take some pics of stuff in the museum I thought was purdy.