Coming soon: Lampworking!

This past weekend we made the trek up to Ottawa to purchase a second-hand full lampworking kit from a friend-of-an-sca-friend and I am super excited about this!

Along with tablet weaving, lampworking was one of the first A&S crafts I was attracted to when I first starting playing in the SCA. The barriers for entry for lampworking were a little higher (more gear required, a little more dangerous) and I had enough projects on the go that it was put on the back-burner (ah ahaha)

Recently though a kit came up for sale and I was all over that like a fat kid on a smarty LOL.  Overall the expenses of the weekend (gas, food, hotel, etc) probably didn’t make this a practical decision but by gods it was happening. Having everything all together to start off with plus a bunch of actual glass to be messing with is definitely worth it. Plus the mini vacay was a nice change from the norm 🙂

We’ll be setting this thing up soon-ish and will start to mess with thing. Look forward to seeing some super crappy beginners beads soon!