Bisque Fire 1 – Cone 02 – ???

Cones & Kiln Setup

The Stuff!

Before Firing

Firing Notes

everything went pretty much as expected. sitter cone was bent
properly, and witness cones were as expected. 02 bent over and 04 06
laying flat but still not puddled or blistered.

laguna terracotta, and psh terracotta bot fired hard / passed steel
scratch test. laguna test pot with over thick walls and general
shitty construction fired perfectly fine. it seems to be a good
forgiving clay.

re fired amaco stein also hardened and passed scratch test.

plainsman stoneware was marginal stuff higher up the kiln passed
scratch test, plates on very bottom did not.

mixed clays from scrap fired in small inch high test pot survived and
hardened passed scratch test.

talc ball clay slip had no adhesion problems with terracotta bodies
and fired bright white.


Angie Edit: we’re not sure exactly when this one was turned on.. Our notes don’t add up.