Bisque Fire 6 (low fire)

The contents of this firing was mostly my stuff, with a little bit of Nic’s stuff as well. My stuff is pretty standard, I’m planning on glazing it with the high fire glaze and then firing it up to Cone 6. This part of the process won’t happen for a bit though because we need to swap out the elements in the kiln.

So the clays I used in for these are one of two things. The lighter ones are the PSH 455 (light creamy speckle), and the red stuff is the Amaco 58m

These red mugs & tiny cups are were thrown before the speckle ones in the next batch of photos… I could be wrong but I think I do see an improvement in the technique already between these two batches.

The PSH turned out with a really pink hue, which I’m hoping is just because it’s not fully fired yet. I’m not sure if it’s possible to get a transfer of colour from the other clay in the kiln? I think the pink is too even for it to have been a cross-contamination issue… especially since I was working with the red here in Canada, and the speckle in NY

A couple nice straight walled mugs, a curvy mug, and a nice tall tumbler. I’m pretty pleased with all of these. The idea with the straight walled ones are I want to eventually start painting my nerdy designs on some high quality mugs, so I want to be able to create a nice smooth surface for those designs

The brush cups turned out pretty awesome! So the bites out of the sides of these are so you can lie your paint brush down on the top of the cup without it rolling off. I put the “potter’s spiral” in the bottom of them so there is some texture in the bottom of the cup to rub your brush against while you’re cleaning them off.

Next up is Nic’s experimental stuff. There were varying degrees of failure and success here.

Boob Tankard: Looks good from the outside, but there is a pretty wicked crack in the bottom. He threw the floor separately from the rest of the tankard. The wall, which Nic says was attached really good, has pulled away from the bottom, so there’s a crack the whole way around. Plus the one in the middle which goes all the way through. So… not food safe 🙁

Porcelain: Standard’s 213 Porcelain Clay – Cone 6

It’s pretty nifty! I can’t wait to get the chance to play with this stuff myself.. I think this particular cup wasn’t really necessary to use porcelain for, because from what I understand you can get morer thin and light with the porcelain, that’s why you’d use it

Laguna #65 White Stoneware: I’m happy with how white this clay turned out. Honestly I don’t really see too much of a difference between this and the porcelain above. Though they haven’t actually been fully fired (they need to be fired again to cone 6) Overall I think it Nic’s sculpture turned out pretty awesome! There were some issues with appendage attachment though, so this octopus only made it out of the kiln with 6 tentacles :/

PSH 455 Bowls: They’re buff speckle bowls… Nothing crazy here 🙂

And then there is the Edward creepy face mug