Bisque Fire 4

Cone 02

Nic had been throwing A LOT of stuff before heading back down to his place in NY so pretty much everything in this fire was his stuff. There were some failures and some stuff which really shouldn’t have done in yet but Nic wanted to force it a little to see what would happen.

This small bowl was put in while still a little wet… which you’re not supposed to do. The entire bottom popped off of it and left clay schrapnel in the bottom of some of the other bowls. This wouldn’t have been such a huge deal if they weren’t glazed on the inside, so those bits are permanently attached now.

This one bums me out a little bit. Out of all the mugs in this batch this one is my favorite… the best size, weight, and feel in the hand. However it has that crack in the bottom. It looks like a small S crack, seeing as it’s almost in the shape of an S, but it’s not dead center in the bottom so I’m not sure if that’s what it happened here. If it is an S crack that means Nic didn’t compress the bottom of the mug enough. If it’s not an S crack then I don’t know what could’ve caused it.

I think I might glaze something on it anyway since I know the crack doesn’t go the whole way through, and I just really like it.