Bisque Fire 3

This was a relatively small batch, especially for a bisque firing. Some interesting stuff going on in this one. Everything in this firing except for one piece was done by Nic.

We’re also not 100% sure this fired for the full time. We went down to peek in the peep hole at around 4hrs 30 minutes and I MIGHT have accidentally tripped the switch to turn it off.. The placement of our kiln is weird so it’s actually really difficult to get down to look in the peep hole. Might need to fix that at some point!

Ultimately though it’s not a huge deal if it did get turned off too early. Worst case scenerio is we fire the stuff again to a proper schedule.

On to the notes!

This is my bowl 🙂 I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.. It mostly bowl shaped and didn’t blow up or anything so that’s nice! Next I need to figure out what I want to do with glazing the thing. PSH 425 clay

Nic’s thrown mug. Other than being rediculously heavy for a mug I think it turned out really nice… I like the belly. PSH 425 clay

This thing is amazing.. I’m not sure what to call this thing, maybe the Octopus Flask. Also by Nic. He constructed this thing quite a while ago, before we got the throwing wheel. He used a little black underglaze for the text and to bring out the texture around the octopus. My only gripe about this thing is the inside is not good, so it’s likely going to be decorative only.. Ah well! Still freakin awesome! PSH 425 clay, PSH black underglaze 06

Tankard/Mugs built by Nic. These were also done a long time ago and just waiting for a bisque fire. Not thrown but hand-built. Both of these Nic also clear glazes the insides. Laguna 20G clay, Duncan’s Clear Brilliance clear glaze

Slip cast ginger jar by Nic. The slip is a mix of refuse clay from other projects. I think it turned out ok! Not entirely sure why he didn’t cast the lid as well (or maybe he did and something happened to it)

Small tankard by Nic with a brushed on slip section for painting something. Laguna 20G clay, hand built (I should probably get the info on the slip.. I promise nothing)

Hand built flask by Nic. Laguna 20G clay

That’s everything! After taking them out of the kiln we did some testing. They all rang (except for some of the thicker pieces like my bowl) when we flicked them. And Nic took a tungsten drill bit to the bottom of his thrown mug and scraped it to see if any clay would come off and it did not. Yay!

I think we might do some testing with water to see how porous the clay remains but it seems like if I did manage to bumble the switch and turn it off too early it wasn’t all that early.

We had intended to fire this all to Cone 02. So it’s weird that it seems to have gone the whole way in about the same time that it takes us to fire to 06. It should’ve taken much longer. We’re a little concerned that if we actually replace the bottom two elements (they’re very jankie) then the kiln will fire way too quickly. We shall see!