Beeswax Wraps Attempt 1

Today I took a crack at making the beeswax food wraps. I have 6 different fabrics I want to try this out on so I cut an 8 inch circle out of each to test with today.

3 are purchased printed cottons from either Wal-mart or Joan’s and the other 3 are thrift shop finds. I have a feeling the thrift shop ones will work better. They’re a slightly thicker more absorbant feeling cloth than the others. 2 of which are suuuper cheap quilting fabrics from Walmart.

Anywho! So I tested based off of 2 of the websites listed in my last post.. I warmed the goo up in the oven instead of on the stove in a double boiler, since we had the oven on real low cooking a pork roast for dinner anyway.

The options were to melt incredients together and brush it on the fabric, or sprinkle the ingredients on the fabric and melt it on there.. then brush it around to smooth it.

I went for option #1 because I thought it’d work better, but I think that might’ve been a mistake. The pine resin didn’t really mix in all that well with the beeswax, and when I went to brush it on the cloth the resin didn’t really come off the brush. I don’t know if I didn’t melt & mix it enough or what.. I will investigate further.

I also think I maybe scrimped too much on how much of the goo materials I was using, and I didn’t really have enough to cover all 6 of the wraps.

So all this means is that I have slightly stiff waxy fabric, but they don’t really do what they’re supposed to do.. As in it doesn’t really stick to itself, and it doesn’t stay formed into the shape you make it into.. so it won’t stay ‘sealed’ to the top of the container you’re trying to use it on.. Sooooo fail :/

I’m going to try again with this, maybe just re-wax these ones? perhaps follow instructions better?? Perhaps attempt to do the sprinkle version???

We’ll see. I’m not giving up yet.