Backstrap faaaaail

In preparation for teaching Tablet Weaving I decided to try out backstrap weaving again. How it works is instead of using a loom you attach the far end of the weave to a stationary object and the other end is attached to a strap wrapped around your waist/chest.

This was a completely disaster! There aren’t really great instructions for how to do this out there, and I’ve never actually taken a class myself on tablet weaving so perhaps there is just something simple that I’m missing.

I COULD NOT keep the tension even on the warp. I could not turn the cards properly and things kept slipping around. I tried a couple different methods but nothing was working particularily well.

I have given up on this again. It’s horrible and I hate it.

Quick-and-Sleazy Loom

Due to epic failure with the backstrap I needed to switch back to a loom, but I wanted something cheaper and easier than the Better Loom from the Loomy bin that I’ve been using lately… Enter the Quick-and-Sleazy

All it took was a two-by-four, and a wooden dowel, and I have a couple of looms to use for my class. I put one together first and tested it out with what remained of the band I was trying to do the backstrap with, and I deem it a success.

It’s pretty portable, which is awesome! I don’t think it’ll completely replace the Weights with the Better Loom, but it’s a good alternative.