Adventures in Pebble Weave

I was feeling confident in my abilities with tablet weaving my last project, the Rus Headband I made as my Trillium Exchange gift for Baroness Gema.

So I decided that it was a good time to mix things up a little bit and try out the Pebble Weave Dragon Head Pattern.

Google Translated Source


Whooboy has this experience knocked me back a couple pegs LOL.

Since this is a new technique I decided to warp up a shorter length (maybe 2 feet?) and of a material I didn’t really think I’d miss if it all went sideways (some crochet cotton I’d found at Value Village)

Sadly I did not take a picture of my first failed attempt at this band, but I do have one of the second attempt, shown here are the front (left) and back (right):

So technically there are 3 different things happening in this picture.

Chunk 1: I think this is *almost* correct, but the pattern was actually appearing on the back of the band

Chunk 2: I straightened back to first position and then just wove all forwards once as a kind of reset

Chunk 3: I flipped all of the cards over to face the other direction (left instead of right) and wove forwards.. this… did not work lol

So by the end of this one I was pretty much done with these threads and figured I probably had everything backwards.. so I opted to just ditch this and start over. Using a different pattern source on the internet then what I’d been using before.

So why all the problems

Complication number one was figuring out the pattern in the first place. Tablet weaving patterns aren’t entirely standardized. The cards have the numbers printed on one side, and your cards can face either the left or the right. This will change how the pattern develops because the threads will be in a different order.

Along with this there are 2 different methods or terminologies for the direction the threads of through the cards. The fun thing about this one is they are both referred to as ‘S’ and ‘Z’ but they are reversed (add link here to explanation post and images… Soon as that actually exists lol)

Unfortunately again, not all patterns that are available on the internet explicitly stated which direction and card facing they are using so this takes a little experience and or guesswork.

Complication number 2.. this bands uses the ‘missing hole technique’ otherwise also known as ‘pebble weave’ or twill I think.

This means that for this band the cards in the middle only have threads through 2 of the 4 holes. Consequently I have been FIGHTING these cards hard.. they want to spin a little on their own so you have to keep a right hold of them at all times. If you let go without pinning them together they go all cockeyed and then you have to guess which direction to soon then to get back to normal.

Fun. :/

Finally Success

Thankfully I think I’m finally getting there. Thanks to some chatting on the historic tablet weaving group on Facebook I found this fantastic blog post which actually lasts everything out fantastically… Including a video and some troubleshooting notes. More importantly though it shows which way the cards are facing and what direction the threads are supposed to go through the cards! Woo! The only downside for this site is it’s not in English lol. Thankfully chrome let’s you translate right in the browser so it’s fine.

The texture the missing holes creates is pretty cool, so now that I’ve gotten it worked out in looking forward to doing this one again in a nicer material.. possibly using that wool I picked up many months ago.